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Suggestion Xcom Apocalypse Politics and Sway

Discussion in 'Game Mods' started by Raptor29a, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Raptor29a

    Raptor29a Registered

    Dec 12, 2016
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    This is my first post, so why not start with a Bang. (big post)
    I've already checked to see if this topic was covered. And I found only briefly.
    There are two parties Technocrats and Extropians. But there is not much campaign or alliance information. Only vague clues as to what the world of Megaprimus is like.
    So, I have compiled all of the organisational data and have put together a possible political alliance chart by matching organisational alliances.
    From which I can tell who won the last election, and who the Swing voters are. Explainations are in parenthsis. If no ufopedia reason exists I put "possible alliance"

    Extropians- (Evolving life into technology)
    Marsec (Given + Elerium Trade)
    Solmine (Given + Elerium Trade)
    Superdynamics (because customer of Elerium Trade)
    Cyberweb (because of alliance with Superdynamcis)
    S.E.L.F (because of alliance with Cyberweb)
    Mutant Allience (because of alliance with S.E.L.F.)
    Transtellar (because of enemy with Megapol and Government)
    Cult of Sirus (because of enemy with Megapol and Governent)
    Evonet (possible alliance +opposing Nutrivend)
    Sensovision (possible alliance +opposing Pyske)
    Osiron (possible alliance)

    Technocrats- (powerful technical elitists)
    Megapol (because of opposing Marsec)
    Energen (because of opposing Solmine and Elerium Trade)
    General Metro (because opposing Superdynamics)
    NanoTech (because opposing Cyberweb)
    Sanctuary Clinic (because alliance with Nanotech)
    Nutrivend (possible alliance +opposing Evonet)
    Grav Ball League (possible alliance)
    Psyke (possible alliance +opposing sensovision)
    Diablo (possible alliance)

    Government - election results Technocrats
    (given transtellar opposing Government and Megapol, but neutral to Marsec)

    The crime underworld (political pay cronies)
    Psyke vs Diablo vs Osiron vs Sensovision vs Grav Ball League

    Swing voters
    Evonet, Nutrivent, Diablo, Osiron, Grav Ball League, Psyke, Sensovision

    Remember this is a possible political model; please comment if you have any suggestions.
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  2. makus

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    Very intresting idea for mod that can be develop even more

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