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Mod Idea Underground Cityscape

Discussion in 'Game Mods' started by Dr_EvilBlueberries, May 10, 2016.

  1. Dr_EvilBlueberries

    Dr_EvilBlueberries Guest

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    You don't say Solarius,
    I'm firmly rooted in the idea that expeditions in the territory of modding in new maps should be directed in the efforts of creating a subterranean underbelly for Mega-primus.
    +awesome territory for expanding the more minor organizations
    +more ground for XCOM to cover in its diligent weeding of xenos taint
    +Finally a use for ground vehicles! (possibly deal with gang wars to curry favor with the gov?) (still need reason to use some combat ready vehicles over dedicated and local transport).
    -actually making it.
    -road AI

    I'd love to make assets sometime after spring finals. I'm not talented, but I'm diligent. However, I'm more inclined to attempt work once this project has left the construction warehouse to the launching pad.

    ~Give the technocrats either funding capability or sumtin to do with scientists. Ditto on the funding with the other useless political party
    ~Can something be done with the sectoids?
    ~Riots? Sumtin to do with crowd control using ground vehicles. New tear gas weapons?
    ~Click and drag to help manage those tangled hoverbike messes
    ~A pipedream, other factions inside the alien dimension. Other "XCOM initiatives." The extradimensional conquistadors took on more than they could chew. It would really be an apocalypse, except it'd be for the aliens I guess.
    *trade for Elerium! I'm supposing they'd come from the same dimension as you.
  2. The Think Tank

    The Think Tank Active Member Researcher

    Mar 2, 2016
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    If I am correct this idea can be somewhat implemented via the Designer derivative of X-Com Apocalypse, which allows you to reshape the entire map to your liking. Granted, it won't be exactly like you desire, but it is somewhat possible. I would agree that it could be very interesting though, but I am personally much more interested in seeing the possibilities for improved diplomacy in the game.
  3. JonnyH

    JonnyH Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator

    Jul 17, 2014
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    A cool idea, might be interesting to add a way of cutting out 'layers' of the map in the cityscape (like in the battlescape - as currently if there's a tile on top you can never see beneath it). It might make alien UFOs a bit weird, if you don't implement it as a 'large cavern with open areas', as they don't really have a ground vehicle variety - perhaps cut down on the air/ground combat and just treat them as troop transports only (IE the gate appears above a building underground and all it does it beam guys in and leaves) - but then that would need a bit of tweaking to make them actually possible to shoot down to progress the research (or add other paths through the research tree).
  4. Istrebitel

    Istrebitel Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Well, yeah, 100% the only way to make ground vehicles relevant. And an awesome idea. I think after we implement 1.0 vanilla, someone will pick up this idea of modding the game by introducing new code. Because this feature will require code changes definitely.

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