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!!! The ToDo List !!!

Discussion in 'Coding' started by JonnyH, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. JonnyH

    JonnyH Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator

    Jul 17, 2014
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    TODO list is now in git:


    Everything else is out of date

    old list in spoiler below, just for reference.
    pmprog's edit

    original message

    I was feeling too cheerful the other day, so I decided to start writing out all the things we still have left to do.

    This is not complete at this time, I expect this to be a 'live' todo list as we split out new tasks & (hopefully) complete them. This can also then work as a simply task assignment, to hopefully keep track of what devs are working on.

    If anyone feels like working on something this would also be a good thread to offer (hint hint :)

    Feel free to edit to add stuff!
    Try to put your name by what you intent to work on in the immediate future.


    - Fix allegro audio backend music track progression (jonny)
    - Save game (Serialise in/out GameState class?)
    - 'General' options
    -- Select language
    -- Select screen resolution
    - update() loop fixes for multiple ticks at once? (fast-forward speeds?)
    -- Apoc didn't allow 'max' speed with enemies around, so may it just did update(1) in a loop per draw call, then 'cheated' for max speed (IE assume all plans complete ever ~5 mins?)
    - 3rd party organisations
    -- How deep should this simulation go? They have a listed income (how is this calculated?)? Do they 'buy' vehicles etc. on the market? At least the building repairs seem to come from their funds (As well as the xcom budget being taken from the government funds).

    All these are possible ideas. This isn't a promise they will be done (or even if they're a good idea)
    Initial work on PCK extraction here: https://github.com/JonnyH/xcapoc-resources
    Initial work on 'static' data extraction (e.g. city/building definitions) here: https://github.com/JonnyH/OpenApoc_Data
    - PCK viewer/editor
    -- 'ruleset' validation
    - Language file editor/validator
    -- Show 'missing' language strings
    -- Convert to/from 'standard' format (po?)
    - Citymap editor?
    -- Building definitions
    -- CityTile editor
    - Battlescape map editor

    - Clock
    -- Day/night cycle
    - Events
    -- Alert pop-up
    -- Zoom to event
    -- Show
    - UFOPaedia (pmprog)
    -- Import all entries (DONE)
    -- Setup dynamic data in display
    - Vehicle stuff
    -- Landing/Takeoff
    --- Buildings containing vehicles
    --- Route to one of many landing pads?
    --- Take from from one of many landing pads?
    -- Vehicle contain agents & items
    -- Ground Vehicles
    -- Vehicle AI
    --- 'move-to-building' command
    --- 'move-to-location' command
    --- different aggression levels
    --- different height preferences
    -- Vehicle commands
    --- I mean user-control of user-owned vehicles here
    -- Homing weapons
    -- Weapon damage
    --- Vehicle destruction
    ---- Armour values (directional)
    --- How do building tiles get damaged? (health? Or if hit by 'sufficient' power instantly die? - may be similar to battlescape terrain damage?)
    -- Building destruction
    -- Animated vehicles (UFOs?)
    -- Vehicle inertia
    --- Requires digging into how apoc does this (speed/acceleration and turning values relate to this /how/?)
    -- Vehicle Shadows
    --- Shadow PCK file reader (see https://github.com/JonnyH/xcapoc-resources/blob/master/apoclib/pck.cpp#L252)
    -- Fix vehicle centers (so they don't phase through buildings - I (jonny) suspect this is due to me rendering images 1 tile offset from where I'm locating them for pathfinding)
    -- Vehicle selection (jonny) (DONE)
    - Strategy Map (jonny)
    -- Stratmap PCK file reader
    -- Show paths
    -- Show recent alerts
    -- Show bullets
    -- Vehicle equipment screen
    - Building infiltration simulation
    - Agents moving in people tubes
    - Alien dimension
    - Dimension gates
    -- spawn UFOs (Moved from alien dimension)
    -- can move 'advanced' xcom craft through them too
    - crashed UFO attack

    - Base management
    -- Base inventory
    -- Base tile view
    --- Building new tiles
    -- small 'mapview' in base screen
    -- Research
    -- Manufacturing
    -- Agent management
    --- Buy new agents (+ scientists & engineers)
    --- Training
    --- Equip screen
    -- Market
    - Score & funding changes

  2. pmprog

    pmprog Well-Known Member Official Developer Administrator

    Jul 8, 2014
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    Re: The Big TODO List

    I've started moving the tasks over into Trello

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