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New philosophies mod

Discussion in 'Game Mods' started by Conoros, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Conoros

    Conoros Registered

    Dec 9, 2016
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    Hey :)

    Was pleasantly surprised to find this project today and I'm really looking forward to seeing the remake :)
    Once upon a time I made a mod for the original and seeing this forum I figured I might share in the hopes that one day I might remake it for OpenApoc.

    First, I'm not a coder by any means, all I did was use an editor someone else made to change what was already present in the game files. I did some research on the numbers and ideas behind them and looked at unused assets in the files. I used official guides, unofficial guides and just my own experience. This might not be anybody elses cup of tea, but they were changes I thought amped the game up abit.

    Ground vehicles shouldn't be a thing
    They were great for flavour but the in terms of game play options for X-Com they were quite poor. The freedom of movement that flyers had made them useless. Making them relevant meant upping stats to absurd levels. I changed them to flyers and tried to give them a role to fit in where possible. Stormdogs became a heavy hovercar variant, while the Phoenix got a larger engine bay to use SD Elite engines. The Wolfhound became a transport oriented medium flyer (freeing up your Valkyrie full time) and the Griffon was equivalent to the Hawk but heavier and slower.

    For the most part the ground vehicle equipment was just removed.
    (Didnt do anything with the bikes)

    Corporate activity
    In reading up about the game, I found that the original design had a much greater involvement and activity from the various corporations and organizations around the city. As it turned out they felt a bit too passive for me. With that I mind I edited the relationships between many of them to make things much more volatile. I formed factions of a sort linking Extropians with Diablo against Technocrats and Orison. I also increased the resources available to them too. Their activity across the board made the city a more dangerous place, but they also tended to rise and fight against the aliens more too.

    Psionics also seemed underutilized in Apocalypse against the other X-Com games. I changed Humans to have far less psionic potential and defences, but upped the psionic strength of the Hybrid agents. A number of aliens were further enhanced with offensive psi abilities and in general their psi defence was decreased a little where I felt appropriate (Psimorphs are still going to be the big dog) so in general they were more practical for general use.

    I was also working on making mind shields usable - though their permanency bug was still there.

    Agent equipment
    There were trends in what items were mainly effective, letting the others to the side. Most equipment I moved to be available from week 1 (with exceptions like the Marsec armour) and tried to make them of more interest. As an example: the rocket launcher became something of a slug cannon, with few shots but a lot of single target damage per shot.

    I tried to make some variations to the aliens, mainly you would encounter fewer of them but they would be alot more dangerous both individually in the battlescape and in ships on the cityscape. Their attacks are smaller across the board but will tend to be more frequent. They also gained some surprises (the odd spitter could explode like a popper) so you would always to have to take them seriously.

    This about wraps up what I can remember of it. Sadly I never found the time to test the changes properly (and tune them if needed), just wondering what people think of the ideas in general :)
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  2. The Think Tank

    The Think Tank Active Member Researcher

    Mar 2, 2016
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    Just skimming over, I think ground vehicles play and can play an immense role and should not be removed, as we can see with the Ground War mod you can easily make them into usable and fun units without axing their accessibility.

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