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My Dream

Discussion in 'Game Mods' started by Huaptlo, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Huaptlo

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    Apr 27, 2015
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    I'm sorry in advance, this post might be messy and confusing, maybe even ranting, but these are just my personal thoughts.

    I have been a long time fan of X-Com and similar games, there are so many games that do some stuff good and other not that well. I think Apoc comes closest to this dream of a "perfect" game, but there are still improvements I would wish to see.

    I kinda always thought X-Com as this elite group/organization that is the last and best option for the alien threat, but not the only one. X-Com only getting crappy rookies never made sense to me, character progression and leveling up is a major part of the game. I liked it in a way that your squad size was restricted in the EU, but it still was maybe a bit small, at least with everyone being rookies made no sense. Having a small group of highly trained soldiers would be better, but facing the alien threat should be new and hard for them, training would come as specializing soldiers for different roles and/or alien equipment. So my vision is kind of a Rainbow Six style, with X-Com taking on key missions against the alien like capturing artifacts, live aliens, crafts, bases etc.

    I would like to see that there would be more use for different kinds of weapons, not that it's just an upgrade from ballistic to lasers and then plasma. There could come in shields that work against energy based weapons, lasers could have some kind of piercing property and accuracy, plasma could have exploding and area effect. Main idea would be that no type of weapon just go obsolete and there could be research for new ballistic weapons. I also like the idea of mods for weapons so you can modfiy them to work as you want, I think the UFO series made this quite nicely. Toxin weapons are a really nice addition, but are a bit op.

    Being the heart of every X-Com type of game this needs to be rock solid and has been very good in most games, there still are still a few gripes for me in most of the games. EU brought cover into the picture in a nice way, but the way is implemented is not my favorite. Being cover should make it harder to hit or being hit, but it should not be harder to shoot at the one in cover. So it looked really silly that a soldier with high accuracy shooting at an alien, missing and the shot going to the sky hitting some alien maybe on a nother planet. So a good sniper should be able to reliably shoot at an enemy but hitting the cover in front, this would be nice thing with weapons that could penetrate, you could shoot at the alien through the cover.
    I really do like the real-time mode, especially if you have soldiers with tons of action points you can just run to an alien, empty your clip and still do something. I think EU tried to fix this with their 2 actions, but being limited to 2 actions is no good either, especially if you can only shoot once (without skills). This also made supression look a bit silly, your soldier is there emptying his clip with tens of bursts while your other soldiers move, but then you can use the same gun to shoot 2 bursts normally before having to reload. Jagged Alliance did turn based quite good where you could use different amounts of ap to aim and you could "save" AP for the next turn a bit.
    Also weapon and ammo management should be a important part of choices you have to make.

    EU is really lacking in this part and that is quite sad. As I imagine X-Com is the best weapon against the aliens, but not the only one, nations and corporations should be able to fight the war and fend for themselves. X-Com is the one taking the higher risks at sabotaging and learning the aliens plans and technology. The air game in Xenonauts is nice and I do like the option of bombarding a alien craft, that should thou come at a cost, no materials, aliens, equipment etc. Dropping a craft and not responding could make another threat of the survivors going to terrorise or another faction getting the stuff.
    Diplomatic should also be an option, X-Com would need to keep nations supporting them, could trade for stuff and tech, and there could be rogue factions or nation aiding the aliens or themselves. Everyone just supporting X-Com as one happy and incapable planet is a bit silly. Trading weapons and tech could be a good way of strenghtening the defense of the world, but dealing to wrong faction could have bad effects. EW tried to do something like this, but it just ended up as more or less a new enemy type. So trading to the wrong could be you actually making Exalt, and they could be fighting their own war against X-Com and other nations and maybe even turn on the aliens to further their own agenda.

    I know this would propably be a huge of a mod or too much even. These are just something I have been pondering about for quite some time. As I have no skills in modding so these most likely be merely a dream thou, but I wanted to rant a bit.
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  2. The Reaver of Darkness

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    Sep 7, 2014
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    I agree. I think the explanation for a lack of help for X-Com is that the aliens are primarily being stealthy and/or working to convince people that they aren't a threat. There's always a few groups on X-Com's side, especially the government who brought X-Com into the picture in the first place. It's neat that in Apocalypse we have Megapol to help us, but I think it'd be cool if some other groups that allied with X-Com would engage the aliens directly--probably most of them want to stay out of trouble though, since use of military vehicles and vehicle weapons fire in the city are strictly prohibited by anyone other than Megapol (with limitations), or X-Com. The corporations seem to be able to write off the use of weapons as self-defense when their building is attacked by gang members, they should also do that when aliens attack their building.

    Could be neat if SELF or Mutant Alliance, when friendly or allied with X-Com, would directly engage any alien craft that fire upon the city, perhaps as an attempt to improve their public image. The criminal gangs should aggress any alien craft that fly over their out-of-town spaces as those external slums zones are poorly regulated and they can get away with such activity out there.

    I'd like to see a bit of a return to the old technology. There are reasons it's not around much: plasma is regulated because of elerium scarcity, so all plasma weaponry is highly efficient and less powerful than the old stuff. Sonic weaponry is completely illegal even if you could get your hands on any of the remaining zrbite which is probably in museums if any of it actually remains at all. But there's no gauss weaponry and I think that doesn't make much sense.

    I'd like to see X-Com able to produce illegal plasma weaponry, it could be less efficient but more powerful. Then you just have to manage your elerium stores and nobody needs to know why you're so good at beating up the aliens. And maybe there would be a place in the city where zrbite is hidden away, and if you find it and raid it and steal the zrbite, you could use it in sonic weapons, although it would incur a large diplomatic penalty and you wouldn't be able to get any more of it.

    There should be gauss weapons along with more laser and plasma options. Also the laser sniper rifle is just bad and needs to be buffed a lot.
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