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Midnight Editor (Windows GUI "Apoc'd Styled" Editor)

Discussion in 'Tools' started by FilmBoy84, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. FilmBoy84

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    Oct 9, 2017
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    This editor is NOT for OpenApoc savegames, only the original Apocalypse, same goes for the more widely used Apoc'd editor :blink:

    As discussed elsewhere on the forum, when playing apocalypse back in the 90's i fell in love with the Midnight Editor for Apocalypse, made by Marcin Wichary. It allows for much easier management of many aspects of Apocalypse than the ASCII based Apoc'd. Though is extremely hard to find on the web in it's last known version of 0.63.

    It also allows the research and production of many of the "cut" features of Apocalypse in a more functional state than that of Apoc'd and will work with Beta savegames (buggy as hell in this mode though)

    For that reason, please find attached. License specifies that it can be freely distributed but not disassembled so hopefully all above board to post it here.

    If anyone has an even newer version, or a means to contact Marcin, please let me know via PM

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