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Hi My name is Andrey

Discussion in 'Welcome! Introduce Yourself' started by Creator, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Creator

    Creator Member Programmer Researcher

    Jan 4, 2018
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    My name is Andrey

    X-com Apocalypse was the first X-com series game I liked. I tried to play "Enemy Unknown" and "Terror From the Deep", but I did not like them. The second X-com series game I liked was X-com Enemy Unknown 2012. I did not like others as well.

    I work as programmer in Russian Space Systems. My language is C++ (Visual Studio). My specialization is complex data processing algorythms.
    I also have gamedesign and artist skills (including 3d art).

    In the past I was main designer and creator of "Contra" modification for Generals: Zero Hour. You can check it here: http://contra.cncguild.net/oldsite/Eng/index.php But I left development tem several years ago because my interests were changed (I did not quarrel with anybody).

    Even before I experimented with Quake-1 and made bots for it with path finding and complex AI. But I did not upload them to Internet because I did not have internet connection that time.

    I would like to help with OpenApoc and make it more balanced and convenient. About 1/3 of things implemented in the game are crap and never used. Many items are useless because of bugs, flaws and miscalculations. I'm also thinking about adding new more convenient interface and better AI for agents and aliens.
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  2. makus

    makus Designer, forum admin Administrator Designer/Artist

    Sep 24, 2014
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    Hey Andrey =]
    glad to see you in our project!
    Also very impressive skills and expirience
    I hope we will work together)

    If you want I can send the application to Slack chat room
    https://freeapoc.slack.com/ нужно зарегатся и скинуть мыло мне

    Also look pls this last post from Alex (Istrebitel) About what to left to be done
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  3. The Think Tank

    The Think Tank Active Member Researcher

    Mar 2, 2016
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    It is fantastic to have another person on the team, we can always use it!
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