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NEED HELP! Development of the Contribute page

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by makus, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    If you're asking yourself, "How can I contribute to OpenApoc?". On this page you find all you need.

    First basic info about OpenApoc
    • OpenApoc open source (free for all) remake of Apoc
    • OpenApoc are going to aim for 100% Vanilla replication sans bugs and nuisnaces.
    • All improvements to OpenApoc will be added by mods (wich will be much easy develop and plug)
    • First of all we need programmers. More programmers - faster work will be done.
    • (for this we need more peoples to know about OpenApoc)
    • Second we need testers - beacose testing steals time from programmers

    How you can be involved (anchor menu)
    1. Everyone can do it
    2. Writing comments or article about OpenApoc
    3. Advertise through YT FB TW G channels
    4. Programmers - all kind but mainly C++
    5. Disassemblers
    6. Testers can help programmers
    7. Translate text of the game​

    1. Everyone can do it (Join our social groups, repost, retweet, comment)
    Status of need: Very High
    • You can help by joining (beacose people herd animals) our social groups, repost, retweet and make sapid comments.
    • Why social resources - beacose we have not so powerful hosting for forum so only social groups can take such traffic load.
    • You play in Apoc wich friends that grow up and become a programmer) tell him about OpenApoc
    • If you Designer, Illustator or CG Artist you can make fine artwork related to OpenApoc and X-Com theme and post it everywhere include our forum and social groups.
    • You can use on forums our avatars and userbars images (here img gallery)

    Here our social resources:

    2. Writing comments or article about OpenApoc
    Status of need: Very High
    If you or your friend have social group wich 10 or more subscribers you can make video or post about OpenApoc wich links to our group in FB etc
    • Youtube channel,
    • Twitch channel,
    • FaceBook page,
    • Vkontakte page,
    • Google circle
    • Twitter page
    • Forum
    • Blog
    • etc
    You can solo writes comments or article (include our links) in:
    • related topic on forum,
    • related topic in wiki,
    • related Blog post in comment section,
    • related Youtube video in comment section,
    • related Artwork in comment section,
    if you lazy here template for you)
    3. Advertise through YT FB TW G channels

    4. Programmers - all kind but mainly C++
    Status of need: Very High
    At the current stage of work - need programmers with knowledge of C ++, as well as with the skills of disassembling. The second is desirable, but not necessary.
    And programmers need not only to work on the actual game engine, but also to develop in future additional tools for modding: in particular, a handy and advanced map editor, tools for automating the work with images (for quick conversion to the Apoc palette)

    5. Disassemblers
    Status of need: Very High

    6. Testers can help programmers
    Status of need: Low (need pre Alpha build)
    This is where you can help, especially if you want to contribute to OpenApoc but have no programming skills / no desire to code. (there will be tasks where need to play in original to get info)

    We're still at a point of heavy development, a large number of things are "known broken" or completely unimplemented as yet - so you might want to ask around here, keep an eye on github merges, or sit in IRC (which is where I idle most commonly) to make sure you're not trying to test stuff we know doesn't work.

    7. Translate text of the game
    Status of need: Low (need pre Alpha build)
    At this point the translations should be considered a 'proof of concept', as we're still implementing core systems, so a lot (most?) of the text is likely to be changed in the future before release, and new strings added or old ones removed, so I'm not pushing people to start on translations *right now* because they'll likely get out of date (and possible stop working) pretty quickly without constant work keeping them up to date.
    We use UTF8 though Boost's gettext integration, so they should all be encoded properly (if you avoid the combining codepoint versions), but it's likely the fonts will need to be updated to add all the combinations used in the translation.

    Current translations you can find here: https://www.transifex.com/x-com-apocalypse/apocalypse/dashboard/
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