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NEED HELP! Bug or not implemented?

Discussion in 'General help - Troubleshooting - Feedback' started by Beorn, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Beorn

    Beorn Member Tester

    Jan 1, 2019
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    Many things are on the to-do list, others are bugs and I don't know yet which is which. This post is to try and sort this out so as not to clutter the bug reports with things that are already being seen to.

    I'll keep a numbered list for reference and you guys can tell me which is which.

    To be sorted:
    1. Screenshots not working on fullscreen mode (returns OpenApoc big X loading screen)
    2. No alien infiltration meter (probably not implemented I guess?)
    3. Rookies run full speed in Megapol armor (no strength check?)
    4. UFO incorrectly named by their category before being researched
    5. Vehicles target a bogus map point when their UFO enemy has fled through the gate
    6. CTD on base defense mission: there was no one to fight, instant victory then CTD
    7. ...

    • Week turnaround on Mon-Tue with wrong pricing
    • Ships keep firing off-screen at UFOs after they bug off
    • ...
    Implementation pending:
    • Tooltips (soldier names in battlescape, soldier stats in equip screen)
    • Cityscape pop-ups (no pop-ups for daily score, alien containment, weekly income)
    • No weekly income
    • ...
    OR ... should I just post a separate bug report each time and let you guys sort it out?
    And please, do tell if this is me being facetious and mismanaging the time I should be playtesting :blink:
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