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  1. Yataka Shimaoka
    Yataka Shimaoka
    having some time to play vanilla Apocalypse with choco toppings =)
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  2. Yataka Shimaoka
    Yataka Shimaoka
    Going to school
  3. The Think Tank
    The Think Tank
    Still trying to fix my bloody game
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  4. Yataka Shimaoka
    Yataka Shimaoka
    Testing the game for bugs and glitches
  5. Skin36
    Skin36 LootHunter
    Привет, чтобы я тебя добавил в Слэк, нужен твой емэйл.
  6. makus
    load on work
  7. The Think Tank
    The Think Tank
    Just finished some work on Relations between Factions.
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  8. Mustang
    Back from business trip today
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  9. The Think Tank
  10. The Think Tank
  11. DimVasiliev
    #X-Com:Apocalypse #ReactOS #AutoIT
  12. makus
    Need finish Artcle about OpenApoc and questions for Julian...
  13. makus